Are you looking for a team of producers for your next album or music project? We do complete productions right here in our studio, as well as long distance collaborations. We have a Logic-based studio with all the necessary hardware and software to create complete album productions from start to finish.
We offer:
• Complete album production
• Single song production
• Backing tracks
• Orchestral arrangements
• Vocal production/arranging
• Mixing
Contact to discuss your budget and different solutions.

Game Music:
Are you looking for original compositions for your next video game?
Check out some of the most recent games with music composed by Erik Rydmark.

”Balloon Guru: Racer” (for Iphone or Android)

”Balloon Guru” (for Iphone or Android)

”Tick tock toad” (for Iphone or Android)

”Zumba Fitness World Party” (Features the song Caribbean Dream)
Available on Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Are you looking for songs for your artist?
Don’t hesitate to contact us if your looking for something custom-written or if you’re interested in doing a co-write!